Bhargavi Arts Academy

Bhargavi Arts Academy is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 2020  by Smt. Sandhya Kandadai Rajagopal with a vision that is devoted to promote, propagate and preserve the Indian Classical Performing Arts and Music. Bhargavi Arts Academy aims to foster awareness, understanding and appreciation of Classical Indian Music, Dance and Performing Arts. We aspire to provide a grand opportunity for quality global musicians and classical artists from abroad, to come, perform and share their music and dance with our community.

As a promoter of the performing arts, Bhargavi Arts Academy seeks to showcase Indian and other cultural Dance in some of our events and hopes to initiate, strengthen and grow connections with other performing arts organizations. We recognize the power of music and dance and it’s strong influence on society, especially our youth. We also believe music and dance can have profound effect on daily life. With this understanding, we aim to utilize our efforts in this field as an additional force of good in the world by striving to unite diverse cultures through the rich and colorful heritage of traditional music and classical dance with our integrative concerts, workshops, outreach programs and other special events.

Smt. Sandhya Kandadai Rajagopal

Board of Members
Smt. Lavanya Nivarthi, Smt. Ramya Raghavan, Sri Vijay Raghavan and Sri Deepak Santhanam